Improved Treatment Efficiency 

  • Primary objective:
    • 50% reduction in COD which was above 30% above discharge compliance
  • Secondary objective:
    • 50% reduction in TSS.
    • 30% reduction in sludge.
    • Improved water clarity and system efficiency.
  • Offensive odor reduction or elimination

Plant Characteristics                

Operational hours: 24 hours daily / 6 days per week                

Flow rate: 1000 to 1,200 cubic meters per day (250,000-300,000 gallons per day)                

Holding Time: 24 hours 

Treatment Dosage                

15 ppm of ACCELL 


  • Primary Objective:
    • 3 weeks: 60% reduction in COD discharge levels
  • Secondary objectives:
    • 2 days: DO significantly increased
    • 3 days: Water clarity improved dramatically
    • 5 days: Organic odor eliminated
    • 3 weeks: Slight reduction in TSS that is mainly inorganic

 Other Comments 

  • Floating “grease balls” were observed in the precipitating tanks during the first month This was grease being purged from the bottom and sides of the tanks. The “grease balls” were no longer present after 4 to 5 weeks of ACCELL treatment.
  • During the early part of the trial, the wastewater in the aeration tanks turned from a medium brown to a light tan color. After one month of ACCELL treatment, the water was clearer than it had ever been in plant history.