Clean More. Save More.

ACCELL 3 image
ACCELL 3 is a protein enhanced surfactant. It utilizes yeast derived proteins to enhance its surfactant capabilities. In addition, the proteins active in ACCELL increase the metabolism of native bacteria. The bacteria then begin to process and reduce grease, oil, proteins, and carbohydrates without creating excess biomass.

ACCELL 3 can easily blend into your pre-existing water treatment systems to dramatically improve waste processing efficiency and decrease costs.

ACCELL 3 has U.S. Department of Agriculture acceptance for use in sewage and/or drain lines of food processing facilities.

Simplify Your Waste Management System


Reduces BOD, TSS, VSS, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate

30-50% reduction of sludge volume index (SVI)


Eliminates odor

20-40% increased aeration tank throughput


Lower costs of chemicals, labor, and disposal

25-50% reduction in power costs for aeration, and 30-50% reduction in treatment costs for sludge production


Safe and Clean

Green Seal™, NSF, EPA, FDA, IMO – regulatory verifications